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A persons CV describes their skills-set and experiences, and if he does have all those things, but they are not well written on a CV, they wont help him get the job. But a well-written resume will do you great favours. Would you rather wait and miss great job opportunities because of poorly written CV or you want us to Fire-up your job search with any of our services:

The type of CV you use largely depends on the job you are applying for, your skills, experience; and selecting the right option is vital towards getting a call for an interview. We offer Generic and specific CVs

Fire up your job search chances with us at iprocure CV services

iProcure CV Services

  • Chronological CV
  • Skills-based CV
  • Academic CV
  • Teaching CV
  • Technical CV for IT Jobs
  • Law CV
  • Medical CV


Option 1: Up to 1 year (ideal for graduates)
Option 2: 5 Years or less (Ideal for junior employees)
Option 3: More than 5 years (Ideal for Middle and Senior-level employees)

Option 4: Bundle offer (CV, LinkedIn Profile & Cover Letter)

Option 5: Unbundle offer (only CV, LinkedIn Profile or Cover letter)

We deliver in 5 Working days  provided the clients have submitted all required information

We advise our clients on quarterly reviews after delivery

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